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MENÚ 1794


Esqueixada of cod with romesco Catalan salad Salad to form with apple bite, raisins and bacon Tuna salad Green salad Varied entremeses


Canelons of the house Lassanya of spinach, raisins and pine nuts Macaroons in Bolognese Potatoes fillets of codfish brandy and gratinate amn allioli Eggplants stuffed with meat au gratin with cheese White asparagus with smoked almond or salted ham Catalan escudella (autumn, winter)


Guiding pig feet with potatoes Rabbit in the casserole face with Montsant herbs Sneaky and coquettish snails (typical of our area) Baked roast beef with olive oil and garnish To the embers Cornudella sausage Lamb with garnish Beef steak Rabbit Mushroom mushroom Beef entrecote with potato and escalivada (Supplement € 4)


Catalan cream the house Flame of egg with cream Liquid chocolate cake (Suppl 2 €) Hazelnut flame Coffee flan Cornudella walnut with honey Special pajamas (Supl. € 4) Dessert musician Various ice creams Seasonal fruit

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